Friday, 27 May 2011

Surviving Passion

Kindle Romances

Author - Maia Underwood
Title     - Surviving Passion
Stars   - 5

Surviving Passion:
From her own terrifying encounters, Selena discovers just how threatening men are. Now, she steers clear of them, and gets to grips with an evasive way of life - until she comes across her match.
Dan, a passionate but regimented leader, clashes with her approach to survival, at every level. After meeting him, Selena's life becomes a flood of hectic associations. Through her involvement with this frightening but appealing man, Selena learns that human animals love as passionately as they kill.

Surviving Passion is not your average romance. Are you equipped to cope with what terrors life might throw at you? Do you have the willpower and grit to endure a social collapse of this nature?
With Surviving Passion, Underwood has created a story full of powerful emotions, with a gripping finale that will probably leave you reflecting on it for days to come.

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