Saturday, 18 February 2012

Daughter of Time

Kindle Romance book review

Author - Sarah Woodbury
Title - Daughter of Time
Stars - 3

Daughter of Time:
A contemporary woman with a painful history, Meg's life is in shreds when she stumbles through time into medieval Wales. Llywelyn, Prince of Wales, faces betrayal and deceit at the hands of both allies and opponents alike.

Only by working together can Meg and Llywelyn find a way through the changing loyalties that jeopardize the survival of Wales.

I suspect Daughter of Time is a love it, or hate it, book. I’m afraid I veer toward the latter camp.

For me, Daughter of Time has potential, but doesn't quite make it. Regrettably, the decent bits are few and far between. The time travel part seems almost a ploy to link the various parts of the story, with no real other significance.

Unfortunately, Daughter of Time feels out of balance. The story seems too short of romance, exploit, mystery, intrigue or magic, to put it into any definite genre.

I realise many people will fall into the other camp and love the book. So good luck to them. Let them read and enjoy.

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