Sunday, 15 April 2012

Arousing Bethany

Kindle Romance book review

Author - Ellie Jones
Title     - Arousing Bethany
Stars   - 5

Arousing Bethany:

Weary of her intrusive mother, and fostering a broken heart, nurse Bethany Wright is determined to put things in order, and perhaps teach her mother a lesson at the same time.
Too late, she realizes the attractive hunk at her front door has not been sent by Mom.
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Arousing Bethany is a short but quality read. This is a hot romance from the pen of Ellie Jones and is certainly a contender to put you in the mood for love. 

Arousing Bethany ticks all the boxes in the right place, with an interesting storyline which goes beyond mere sex. There is, of course, a gorgeous hunk of a guy, interesting dialogue, a touch of humour to the writing, and good descriptive work. The sex is exciting and explicit, and about as steamy as you get. 

At $0.99 I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. I happily recommend Arousing Bethany to all aficionados of hot romance. A good read for the beach or bedroom.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Bared to You

Kindle Romance

Author - Bared to You
Title     - Sylvia Day
Stars   - 5

Bared to You:

Gideon and Eva are both casualties of abuse, but when they find they are bizarrely drawn to each other, their association turns out tumultuous, yet exquisite all at the same time.
Gideon is a dominant alpha male. Eva is afraid of losing control. However, she finds herself opening up further and further, which scares her even more. The outcomes is a very shaky relationship, neither knowing what to do or how to cope.

Bared to You is not a cheerful, playful romance. It is about a gritty, rocky road to love. It is high on sexual content, and is so engrossing you probably won’t put it down. Bared to You  will be very suited to aficionados of dark, erotic novels.

The Marriage Bargain

Kindle Romance

Author - Jennifer Probst
Title     - The Marriage Bargain
Stars   - 4

The Marriage Bargain:
To protect her family home, impetuous bookstore owner, Alexa engenders a love spell. However, she didn’t intend it working on her friend's brother, the dominant man who once crushed her heart.

Nicholas isn’t interested in marriage, but to inherit his father’s business, he needs a wife and needs one fast. When he learns his sister’s friend is in dreadful financial trouble, he offers Alexa a bold proposition, a marriage in name only, but with clear rules. They must both agree to avoid entanglement, and to keep things business-like. The arrangement only needs to be in place for a year so the rules shouldn’t be that hard to follow. Except fate has a way of interfering.


The Marriage Bargain has sexual conflict that is cleverly interlaced into the story bringing prickles and thunderbolts.
The verbal combat between Nick and Alexa, adds to the tension. Alexa draws out the inner soul in him to accept those passions which Nick is afraid to name.

The Marriage Bargain
is a story of passion that becomes explosive as love unfolds.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Forever Is Over

Kindle Romance book review

Author - Calvin Wade
Title    - Forever Is Over
Stars  - 4

Forever Is Over:
Kelly is Richie’s first love. When Kelly disappears, Richie is forced to move on. Several years later, not knowing that Richie is now married to her sister, Kelly writes a letter to Richie, stating her intention to return, and tentatively suggests they renew their relationship.

Forever Is Over is an absorbing story that is revealed through the eyes of several characters, each appending sufficient to leave you wanting more.

The opening chapter portentously depicts a wife's party for her dying husband. You are then transported to the beginning of their fascinating chronicle, sometimes astounding, sometimes amusing.

Forever Is Over is well worth a look. A decent beach read.