Thursday, 5 September 2013

Kindle Romance: 'Crazy Beautiful Love' by J. S. Cooper

Kindle Romance

Title     - Crazy Beautiful Love
Author - J. S. Cooper
Stars    - 5

Crazy Beautiful Love:
Logan steals cars.
He's good-looking, knows what he wants, and doesn't get involved with relationships.

Maddie has a reckless quality. She's self-reliant, resilient, and goes helter-skelter after whatever obsesses her... and  Maddie is obsessed with Logan.

One auspicious night throws Logan and Maddie together and chemistry takes over. Maddie and Logan bond. However, when Logan finds who her family is, he wants nothing to do with her, yet realizes if he strings Maddie along, he can get the definitive payback for his own family.
...But then there is the passion. Logan has to determine whether vengeance is worth losing this chance at love.

Product Details

What is it regarding a dangerous male that turns women on? Crazy Beautiful Love is not a predictable story. There are a numbers of layers to Logan’s character. Even though he is a bad-boy, he is passionate when it comes to the welfare of his family; he has a tender side…and then there is sex. Crazy Beautiful Love is a hot book, an adult romance.
A good read.

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